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MojoMoo premium dairy nutrition and forage products – feed additives, silage inoculants and storage solutions –
are proven to help cows perform.

Increased milk production can provide significant advantages right now and MojoMoo represents premium nutritional and forage products proven to help cows perform. Through our sales agents and distributors, MojoMoo delivers top quality products along with thorough technical training from highly experienced team members. This ensures you get the most out of our product line, the most from your cows and the most value for your money. Contact us today to learn more.


Improves milk production in dairy cows fed whole plant corn silage harvested at 35% dry matter.*
*(Canadian CFIA claim)

Applying SiloSolve® MC to your silage at harvest helps quickly reduce pH, reduce shrink and optimize forage nutrient quality. Better feed quality can lead to better performance for your cows – and deliver a solid return on your investment.

Benefits of SiloSolve® MC on corn silage


Achieve more consistency – from bunker top to core – with the Original Patented Oxygen Barrier Film (OBF) available here

MojoMoo works directly with 2 Gamma – the original manufacturer and owner of OBF patented technology. Their technology has been validated by more than 41 research studies worldwide.

On the farm, comparing nutrition and fermentation parameters on the bunker top to the core will show that this film produces more consistent quality throughout leading to:
• Less dry matter loss
• Better aerobic stability
• More milk potential
• Superior ROI

Silostop® is still available from MojoMoo. Call for clearance prices.


Improving corn silage digestibility in
the rumen leads to more milk

Support beneficial rumen microbial diversity, digestion and milk production.

Research published in The Journal of Dairy Science showed that cows fed specific strains of lactic acid bacteria resulted in the following benefits:
• Improved corn silage digestibility
• Higher dry matter intake
• Increased milk production
• Improved blood parameters including glucose & BHBA


MojoMoo offers custom bunker and nutrient digestibility analysis to help optimize your production outcomes.
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